Kaivac No Touch Cleaning


Kaivac develops science-based cleaning systems that are proven to remove germs and other bio-contaminants from high risk surfaces and touch points that others leave behind. When it comes to restrooms and other heavily soiled areas, nothing beats Spray-and-Vac cleaning. Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning (Link: https://kaivac.com/p_2-KaiVac-1250) systems are built for extreme soil removal, empowering workers to clean hygienically without touching contaminated surfaces. 

Achieving great, consistent results is easy with these patented systems. The built-in power of the indoor pressure washer flushes soils out of grout lines and tight places that mops can't reach. Finally, just vacuum the floor dry, completely removing soils, moisture, and contaminants from all surfaces, grout lines and crevices, leaving the floor virtually dry and soil free.


KaiVac 1250 - Kaivac Cleaning Systems

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